Unlike many other product houses, Elixir Fusion starts out with the highest percentage rather than the lowest percentage of recommended active in our products. The 2 actives in this miracle cream focus on the reduction and refinement of wrinkles – hence we started with the highest percentages of both!

HOWEVER- sometimes more is not more!

This formulation thickened over time and became too concentrated for the skin (not bad for the skin but made applying it unpleasant and difficult to spread).

The GOOD news… we fixed the problem, the even BETTER news, we diluted the formulation slightly to improve the texture. This has resulted in the product remaining the same price, FOR 20ML MORE PRODUCT. Not often you get more for the same price these days. Should you like to try a sample, let us know when you next put in your skincare order and we will include it in your parcel.

Buy it in the new 50ml size now!