The pure essentials

Elixir Skincare was founded fifteen years ago by a South African aromatherapist whose passion was to develop a holistic skincare range that used the remarkable properties of essential oils to treat skins that are subjected to the harsh South African environment. The result is Elixir Skincare. Since then Elixir has been retailing in selected salons (see links) in South Africa.  It has been tried and tested with outstanding results.

How do essential oils benefit your skin?

  • Essential oils stimulate skin cells into reproducing at a quicker rate, eliminating old cells and reversing the process of ageing.
  • They improve lymphatic flow, which prevents the congestion of toxins and helps to eliminate toxic debris.
  • They improve circulation and they energize the skin by increasing the rate at which nutrients are fed to it.
  • Certain essential oils balance the rate at which sebum is produced, thereby stabilizing the condition of the skin.
  • As bactericides, they neutralize unwanted bacteria, preventing blemishes.
  • An anti-inflammatory agent, essential oils calm sensitive and damaged skin.
  • Certain oils contain phytohormones that balance the endocrine system.
  • They soothe peripheral nerve endings to relieve the stress and tension that speed up ageing of the skin.
  • Essential oils keep collagen and elastin in good condition.
  • The nutrients and proteins in essential oils restore important tissue fibres.

The Elixir Fusion experience: the technique of layering

Elixir Fusion Skincare is designed to enhance and replicate the natural function of a healthy skin. We would like to encourage you to become your own ‘skin detective’, deciding from day to day what the needs of your skin are.

Both external and internal factors change the condition of your skin on a daily basis – by being your own ‘skin detective’, you choose what you ‘feed’ your skin. Some days your skin may need more – or less – moisture than others; perhaps you are particularly stressed or tired – and your skin is showing it; a holiday in the sun may mean you need even greater protection from the sun… With Elixir Fusion’s layering philosophy, you can apply layers of various products that together perfectly suit your skin’s needs from day to day.