Elixir Fusion, a proudly South African professional and retail skincare brand, has been harnessing the power of pure essential oils to awaken natural beauty since 1999.

Our History

Aromatherapy massage therapist Wendy Edwards founded Elixir Skincare in 1999, having seen how the skin was nourished and stimulated when she used pure essential oils in her work. She wanted to create natural skincare products using top quality ingredients and pure essential oils. What started as a simple idea for family Christmas gifts turned into a much-loved South African skincare brand with a range of over 50 products.

By 2007 the company had started supplying salons in response to demand for a natural, local, professional arrange. Wendy’s sister Judy joined to help out for “a couple of months” and has been there ever since. Today Judy is the sole owner of Elixir Fusion, much to her surprise.

When Elixir Fusion began, the predominant beauty trend was a chemical/scientific approach to skincare; plant-based products were not mainstream. This has changed dramatically more recently, with natural products very much in demand.

Pure Essential Oils

Pure essential oils have a way of getting under your skin – figuratively as well as literally. Judy believes the oils have an intuitive special intelligence, promoting health and balance as they are deeply absorbed into the skin, with very rewarding results. “There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a client rave about the improvement in their complexion and how they feel about their skin when using Elixir Fusion,” says Judy.

Results & Affordability

Elixir Fusion remains committed to delivering top-quality, affordable skincare, made exclusively with the highest-grade essential oils for impressive results. “I work with a variety of formulators and trusted plant-based raw material suppliers to ensure the standard we are so passionate about,” says Judy. “South Africans tend to believe international is superior, yet local doesn’t mean inferior as anyone who knows our brand understands.”

Using Elixir Fusion is a sensory experience, as the oils interact with the skin and release a pleasing aroma. This, combined with results seen on the skin, is why Elixir has grown and prospered over the past 23 years.

“Whilst there are many more plant-based product ranges available today, we still pride ourselves on providing innovative, unique formulations that are results-driven and offered at an affordable price.”

Elixir Fusion works on the outside and the inside, the physical and also the emotional. Love your skin with Elixir Fusion and awaken your natural beauty.

Our Commitment

  • Quality and affordability
  • Formulated with active, pure essential oils
  • Natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Tested on people, not on animals
  • Gentle – the ingredients are used in percentages that will not harm or irritate even sensitive skins
  • No artificial colours, fragrances, palm oil or parabens
  • Efficient, friendly service
  • Prompt delivery with a smile

Try it – and love looking after your skin.


The Elixir Fusion team