Elixir Fusion Face

The Elixir face range uses no artificial fragrances or colouring, all raw materials are vegetable based, and we are committed to using preservatives with great care, keeping percentages to a minimum, with the intention of keeping the range as natural as possible.

Elixir Organix facial products are available in two ranges: Balancing Range (Sandalwood & Lavender) and Hydrating Range (Frankincense & Geranium).

Unlike most skincare products that are simply formulated for dry or oily skin, aromatherapy oils have a balancing action on the skin; sandalwood and lavender essential oils are ideal for balancing younger skin (under the age of 30), while frankincense and geranium essential oils work to repair and renew ageing skin (over the age of 30). However, both ranges can be used in conjunction with each other. Consult your skincare therapist for advice.

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