Formulated for specific skincare treatment.

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Asian Silt Mask

Skin cleansing & spot treatment. Size: 50 ml

Derma Gel Cream

Hydrates, balances, soothes leaving a glowing complexion.

Equalising Toner

Alcohol free toner, refines pores, balances the skin's pH and aids penetration of moisturisers. Size : 250 ml

Eye Makeup Remover (10ml)

Your new favourite cosmetic essential in an easy to carry 10ml travel size.

Firming Eye Gel

Refines & decongests the eye area. Argiraline,  a natural anti-wrinkle peptide added. Size : 15 ml  

Harmonising Facial Oil

A multi-purpose oil for all skin types. Balances hormonal breakouts, feeds dehydrated skin & soothes stressed skin. Size : 50 ml

Hydro C Enriching Oil

Hydro C enriching oil is anti-ageing and acts as an anti-inflammatory to skins suffering from acne or imbalances. It also locks in moisture. Size 30ml  

Multi-Active Enzyme Exfoliator

Repairs damaged skin, antibacterial, refines pores for a smoother skin.

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

A multi-purpose oil for skin and hair. This moisturising "liquid gold" acts to balance sebum in the skin and protects from free radical damage. It also protects hair from heat damage and works to prevent split ends. Size: 50ml

Regenerating Anti-Ageing Cream

Refines pores, nourishes skin & minimizes fine lines & wrinkles.

Squalane + Face Serum

Squalane + Face serum leaves your skin feeling perfectly balanced whilst instantly improving the tone and texture of your skin. Size 30ml  

Ultimate Moisture Repair Cream

All day hydration. Calms and soothes skin irritation, & boosts circulation.