March / April 2015 Newsletter & Specials

Greetings from a rather smoky Cape Town.

For many of us our focus has been averted to keeping loved ones safe and supporting our wonderful fireman. Lovely to see what happens when lots of people do a little! Big changes can be made. Elixir did our part and dropped SPF50 sunblock’s at our local fire station together with cold drinks and fresh fruit – along with hundreds of other generous Capetonians.  Now our attentions need to focus on re growth and bringing in the new. May our mountain’s recovery be speedy!

Time to get back to business…

This is going to be a year full of surprises from Elixir – good ones I hope! We are feeling inspired and ready for new challenges and we plan for you to join us on the journey. We will be adding more info to our website with ways for your products to benefit your pockets better. So watch this space…


Many clients are unaware that Elixir stocks a range of pure essential massage oils. Our oils are 100% natural with no added ‘nasties’.  They absorb easily into the skin as the molecular structure of an essential oils is very similar to that of our own skin structures.  If you are one of those persons who suffers from ultra-dry body skin you might want to take advantage of this special LTD size of our massage oil and see how it works for you! You will not be disappointed!

With the rolling blackouts, some candles and a quiet evening you could even get quite creative with our massage oils!!

IMG_7216.jpg-3-bottles-of-OilMassage Oils Special – Limited Edition Size – R75.00

Any 100ml massage oil in a LIMITED EDITION SIZE 100ml black pump action top for only R75

A selection of pre mixed massage oils are freshly made to order in the following different combinations:

  • Detox & Lymph Drainage Massage Oil
  • Stress Relief & Relaxation Massage Oil
  • Muscular Aches & Pains Massage Oil
  • Energiser Massage Oil
  • Pregnancy Massage Oil



We have had a particularly hot summer (we only have to look at our burning mountains for confirmation of this) and as you all know essential oils are fragile and easily effected by temperature changes. Below is a reminder of how best to store your products.

  • Keep products out of direct sunlight.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Continue using shives and keep containers well sealed.
  • Use a cosmetic spatula to remove cream – not fingers!
  • Avoid excessive moisture (i.e., don’t keep products too close to showers and baths).
  • Products best to be used within six months of being opened.
  • Products’ shelf life is one year only.We will be in touch sooner than you think.
    Until then, take care and remember to treat your skin to the ‘Elixir Experience”Warm Regards
    The Elixir Team