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Balancing Gel Cleanser

Ideal for combination or younger skins. Balances excess surface oils and regulates the sebum. Gentle enough to use as eye make-up remover.

Equalising Toner

Alcohol free toner, refines pores, balances the skin's pH and aids penetration of moisturisers. Size : 250 ml

Granular Facial Scrub

Nourishes, calms & exfoliates. Size: 125 ml

Harmonising Facial Oil

A multi-purpose oil for all skin types. Balances hormonal breakouts, feeds dehydrated skin & soothes stressed skin. Size : 50 ml

Hydrating Cleanser

For dry or dehydrated skins. Gentle enough to be used as an eye makeup remover.

Sun Defence Hand Cream

This non-greasy cream moisturises and softens the hands, protecting against the drying effects of the environment. Contains UVA & UVB protection. Size:40 ml

Youth Apricot Facial Scrub

For all skin types. Removes impurities and dead skin cells. Size: 150g