What is the difference between a day and night moisturizer and why should you you a use a night cream?

So what is the difference between a day and night moisturizer and why should you you a use a night cream?


Elixir has 4 different Day Moisturizers in the range:
Hydrating Day Moisturizer
Balancing Day Moisturizer
Daily Defence for Men
Balancing Light for teenagers
Elixir’s Day Moisturizer is designed to moisturize the skin whilst addressing the specific needs of one’s individual skin type.  In addition to that it is also to protect it from the environmental assaults we face daily, such as pollution, sun damage and the old killer… STRESS!  All Elixir’s Day Moisturizers contain SPF 15– a must in today climate, even in winter.


Elixir has 2 different Night Moisturizers
Hydrating Night Moisturizer
Balancing Day Moisturizer

The body restores and repairs itself at night whilst one is sleeping. Elixir’s Night Moisturizer is designed to do the same for your skin. It helps to replenish moisture lost during the day as well as repair damage caused from the day‘s stresses.

Whilst Elixir’s Night Moisturizers both contain higher oil content than the day moisturizers they still absorb easily into the skin without leaving the skin feeling in anyway greasy.

Each of Elixir’s treatment creams have been designed and combined with oils to suit specific needs – mostly with slowing the ageing process being a main consideration!!  Many of the treatment creams can be used instead of or alternatively with their Night Moisturizer.

Most of us like change from time to time and so do our skins. We sometimes forget that the skin is a living organism that constantly needs different things depending on our lifestyle at the time. The beauty of essential oils is that they constantly promote your skin to produce what is needed when, by your skin.

With this month’s promotion it is a good time to give your skin a change. If you have been using a treatment cream as a night cream why not add the night moisturizer into your routine for a change.