February 2017 – News & Specials

It is not what you are that holds you back, it is what you think you are not that does… Unknown

February is on our door step – the month of love.  As we all know the best place to start is with ourselves.  As we still have a whole lot of summer and sweltering hot days left – lets focus on some love for those feet that do so much walking for us!


As February lends itself to the outdoors with lots of summer sun still about we have decided to keep the focus on hands and feet.

RETAIL SPECIAL – Love yourself smooth for only R 95

We put together a little Valentine package of hand and foot love!!!

50 ml Granular Foot Scrub

100 ml Refreshing Foot Spritz

10 ml Kiss Me Honey


PLEASE NOTE:  This special will only run for 28 days of February.


Some of you might remember these products. They offer a great DIY Pedi treatment for hot, tired and/or fungal feet. Take a look at the healing properties of the oils used in the product – need we say more?


*A great antiseptic oil which also offers anesthetic effects that are great for relieving foot pain, aching feet, neuralgia and muscular pain.

*Greatly improves circulation.

*Has a cooling effect on tired, swollen and achy feet.


*Clears the mind

*Relieves inflammation and sore muscles

*Improves nervous exhaustion



*A strong antiseptic

*Repairs damaged skin

*Effective against foot and nail infections

*Boosts immune system

If you struggle with foot infections this sugar based scrub is a MUST.





Sadly, it is time for the inevitable. As you know Elixir had a substantial price increase last year so we have decided to be gentle on your pockets this year. We will have a price increase as of 1 March 2017, but assure you we will be as kind as we possibly can. It will be a lot more gentle on your pockets than the last one.


We are giving you fair warning so STOCK UP BY THE END OF FEBRUARY 2017


Have a great February!