July / August 2013 – News & Specials

Hello there,

Please take some time to read this newsletter as we have some exciting new products for you to try….

We have been and are still currently working on a number of new formulations so there will be more new and exciting products coming soon… all very top secret! Watch this space or “like us” on Face Book here to ensure you keep up with our current developments.

This month you are in for a real treat! Here’s a secret we can share: we have decided to launch TWO new anti–ageing products –  a long awaited anti-ageing eye serum (you will not be disappointed with this product as it offers instant wrinkle reduction) and a new anti-ageing facial oil (to die for!) These products have been especially  designed for skins that already have some history – skin damage, scarring, age spots, dehydration and of course WRINKLES.  If this describes you or your skin see our special below.

For winter we have decided to focus special offers on our faces… the bits that simply have to ‘stick out’ on the cold rainy days.  We will leave the body specials for the sunshine days!   When you take advantage of our MUST HAVE special – be sure to give us feedback on how you are enjoying your free gifts.

Intrigued? Read onWith warm wishes on these chilly days – we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Judy and the Elixir team

Price Increases
This should come as no surprise as we have warned everyone about the price increases.  We have done our best to be as fair as possible.  Click on the link to download the new Retail Pricelist 2013.We have done our best to make the increases as painless as possible so that you still receive a quality product at an affordable price!


Elixir Winter Buffet Promotions
For those of you who have already experienced a buffet party… how about another? And for those who haven’t yet experienced the sheer fun of these events … why not host one in the comfort of your own home? We will bring everything you need to feed your faces, all you need is something to feed your stomachs! 10% of the value of sales made on the evening will be a gift to you to put towards your next Elixir purchase. All products (excluding products already on special) will be made available to you and your friends at a 10% discount for the evening only. This is an excellent way to stock up on products whilst at the same time catch up with your girlfriends. A great extra to your book club evening. (you can review your books while an Elixir mask feeds your face!) Call Head Office: 021 701 9563 or speak to your Salon for details.

Expiry Dates on our Products

We have finally found a way to attach expiry dates to our products. Thank you for those of you who have been patiently waiting for this… some of you for many years. All creams will now be delivered with an expiry date underneath them. Remember to store your products in a cool dry place to preserve your essential oils enabling you to get the best out of them. Although the product is guaranteed for a year, anyone who keeps their creams for more than 6 months is simply NOT looking after their skins as they should do. Elixir’s products are vegetable based and the oils are similar in structure to your own skin allowing them to penetrate deeply into your skin – don’t starve your skin of food!!!



specials will be valid until 31st August 2013.

Organix Specials

Now, without wasting any more of your time… let’s talk SPECIALS! Elixir is giving away a FREE trial size anti-ageing skin boost AND anti-ageing eye serum with either of the treatment creams ordered below:

  • Regenerating Anti- Ageing cream + FREE booster oil and FREE eye serum
  • Ultimate Moisture Repair cream + FREE booster oil and FREE eye serum

So what makes Elixir’s Anti-aging Skin Boost and Anti-aging Eye Serum so special? The oils of course!

The combination of a delicate blend of essential oils together with baobab and sweet almond oil offers your skin all it needs to regenerate itself! Take a look at some of the skincare benefits this combination offers you:

  • Softens the skin
  • Improves tone, elasticity and skin regeneration
  • Heals scarring
  • Reduces age spots
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Dramatically reduces wrinkles
  • Balances the pH of the skin and restores water balance
  • Stimulates the natural secretion of the sebum
  • Rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins
  • Rich in fatty acids and anti- oxidants

Sound good to you? At Elixir we still believe the proof is in the pudding and the only way to be sure a product works for you is to TRY IT.

PLEASE give us feedback on how these products work for you.

See below for more details:


Regenerating Anti-Aging cream
This cream focuses on slowing down the ageing process. It stimulates circulation whilst minimizing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Suited for skins over the age of 30.

+ FREE Anti-Ageing Skin Boost
Use as a night oil/ under day cream or as you  feel you need to.

+ FREE Anti-Ageing Eye serum
Use morning and/or evening. Apply around the eye area +above the lip area.
Click HERE to order online now!

Ultimate Moisture Repair cream
Your ultimate hydrating solution for dry, damaged or ageing skin.
Well suited to thirsty skins of all ages.+ FREE Anti-Ageing Skin Boost
Use as a night oil/ under day cream or as you  feel you need to.+ FREE Anti-Ageing Eye serum
Use morning and/or evening. Apply around the eye area +above the lip area.
Click HERE to order online now!