July / August 2014 – News & Specials

Harmonizing-one-leaf-clear-smallHARMONIZING OIL SPECIAL

Purchase a Harmonizing oil and receive a 10ml Derma Gel and Eye and Lip balm free

Now that we have managed to get many of you ‘addicted’ to the Luminescence oil’ we thought it time to remind you that there is still huge benefit from using Elixir’s faithful old Harmonizing oil!

Winter is the perfect time to concentrate on adding moisture and condition to your skin. It takes very little to convince dry dehydrated skins of the benefits of oil but combination skins often need a little more encouragement.

Many people today still perpetuate the myth that if you have oily skin, you must stay away from oil-based facial products. The opposite is actually true. When you apply quality non synthetic oil like Elixir’s Harmonizing oil, and massage in a circular motion into the skin, you soften the hardened oil in the skin, breaking down its composition.

“Pure oil also protects the skin’s lipid barrier and is great at preventing moisture from evaporating from the skin. Some people believe applying oil, especially to acne-prone skin, will clog pores, cause breakouts, or leave a greasy film. The truth is, most natural oils are easily absorbed, not greasy, and noncomedogenic; that is, they have a low potential to clog pores, which makes oils perfect for all skin types.”

Lavender and Germanium oil (both used in the harmonizing oil) can be used for both dry/ageing skin and oily/sensitive skin. Both of these pancake oils are known for their ability to balance the skin whilst also calming and relaxing your nervous system. Both have anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial qualities. Every home/salon should have Harmonizing oil for winter.

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