March / April 2016 – Newsletter & Specials

From 1st March 2016 Elixir’s price increase kicks in.

As you know you were all lucky enough NOT to have a price increase last year. This year we have made it as manageable as possible taking our unstable economy into account. The best news is quality of product vs price, I think we can all agree Elixir continues to offer good deal in both.

As Elixir’s Day and Night Creams still seem to remain some of the most popular sellers we have decided to start the new financial year by putting them on a special.


Purchase an Elixir 50ml Day moisturizer and a 50ml Night Moisturizer for R360 (save R80)



We have attached the new price list for you to see (scroll to the bottom of this mail). With it have come some minor changes which we have explained below:


There have been some changes to products as you will see with the new price lists. See details below.


We have made a small improvement to the travel packs. They will still be available in a Balancing /Hydrating option however we have improved what is in them! Great for gym bags or traveling – or simply just introducing a client to Elixir. 

They will now contain:

  • 100ml Cleanser
  • 100ml Toner
  • 50ml Day Moisturizer
  • 50ml Multi Active Enzymatic Scrub
  • 50ml Derma Gel

Travel Pack’s retail Value: R765 | Travel Pack’s new retail price:  R680


We have added our fabulous new enzymatic scrub to the list.  This multi-active exfoliator contains fruit acids (lemon, grapefruit and orange), fine bamboo granules and papaya enzyme suspended in an aloe ferox gel. It is so nice it is almost addictive! See price list for details.


  • All day and night creams will now be available in a 50ml or 100ml – there will no longer be 125ml tubs. 
  • All treatment creams (except Pro Collagen Repair Cream) will also be available in the 50ml or 100ml containers and not in 125ml containers.
  • The Collagen Lift and Boost will still only be available in 125ml
  • The Pro Collagen Repair will be available in the 125ml tub and a 50ml tub


Due to supplier difficulties we have been forced to change the shower gel containers but we managed to find a new container that is also 200ml.  Do not be fooled by how it looks – it really is the same size!  

SPF 50

As you know we do not manufacture SPF 50 ourselves. Our suppliers of the SPF 50 have decided to take the fragrance out of it – sadly for many as we got lots of positive comments on the fragrance.  Unfortunately we have no control over this decision.


Last but not least. If you have not already liked our FB page, now’s a great time to do so – we are going to be running lots of nice competitions over the next few months! 

Give us a call. We always love to hear from you.

Warm regards,

The Elixir Team