New Product: Ultimate Moisture Repair



Retail: R145

It is finally here – an anti ageing cream for ultra dry skins! Ultimate Moisture Repair contains calendula and neroli essential oils as well as an additional active called CH Activator.

Calendula: Commonly known as ‘honey for the skin, this essential oil is especially useful in treating sensitive skin. Calendula is packed full of carotenoid pigments and lutein, the antioxidant effects of which fight free-radical damage. Other benefits are: it stimulates collagen synthesis and cell regeneration for younger-looking skin as well as helps to create new blood vessels in the skin.

Neroli: It stimulates cell growth and cellular activity which rejuvenates and regenerates the skin improving the elasticity of the skin.

Omega-CH-Activator: This activator contains a mixture of amino acids, free radical scavengers and peptides, entirely of plant or synthetic origin. The radical scavengers and quenchers in Omega-CH-Activator exhibit special protection against radicals in the aqueous part of the tissue and the cells. Radicals are known as one of the major causes for ageing.

ln addition to its action as moisturizer, it activates the metabolism of cells, e.g. the respiratory oxygen consumption in the cell’s mitochondria and consequently increases the production a large number of vital cell functions, such as cell division, synthesis of proteins, and cell locomotion. (find out more)