With all Capetonians working towards becoming good water warriors we put our heads together to see how Elixir Fusion could help you with water-saving…

We are doing our bit and have managed to get water usage in our building down to a minimum with recycling as much as we can.

But how to extend it with our products?


  • Wash cleanser off with a damp cloth. Remove excess oil and dirt with the toner.
  • Freshen yourself up using the toner over entire body instead of a shower.
  • Freshen your towels up or clothing with a spritz of toner.


To facilitate the saving of water by using toner, we have come up with a special for the months of March and April that we think is going to be a hit. To order online, simply order any cleanser along with any day moisturiser, and we will add a FREE toner to your order before we send it to you!