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10 reasons to invest in Elixir’s Pure Moroccan Argan Oil


Many are talking about the wonders of Argan oil and its versatile uses.  We have been testing it and have decided it compliments Elixir’s skincare range perfectly!

It can literally be used on the whole body – from the top of your head to the tip of your toes!  It is great for sensitive skins as it is pure oils without any nasty additives.  But best of all it can be added under, over and combined with any of Elixir’s existing product range without interfering with your products fragrance. As much as we all love essential oils for ultra -sensitive skins many essential oils can be over stimulating. For this reason we have kept our Argan oils pure and simple without adding any additional oils to it making it IDEAL for ultra- sensitive skins.

10 reasons why you might like to invest in a bottle of Elixir’s Pure Moroccan Argan Oil:

  1. Moisturizes and hydrates the skin due to its high Vitamin E and fatty acid content.
  2. Absorbs easily and is non greasy.
  3. Combines easily to any of your existing Elixir products enriching them when and if you need.
  4. Acts as an anti -oxidant, reducing visibility of fine wrinkles and adds a glow to the skin.
  5. Repairs dry and damaged skin and offers some sun protection too.
  6. Soothes eczema.
  7. Can balance acne skin.
  8. Great for stretch marks.
  9. Great for dry brittle nails and /or cuticles
  10. Versatile – can be used as a condition to soften hair, add shine and de frizz hair. Apply before blow drying hair.