We all still want to B20 again: Elixir’s Age-Defying Skin Cream

We all still want to B20 again – well maybe in looks only!

B20 Anti-Ageing specialBuy ELIXIR’S AGE-DEFYING B20 CREAM and get a free 30ml Purifying Eye & Lip Balm

AGE-DEFYING B20: For those of you who have not already experienced the benefits of this cream, now is the time to give it a try. The combination of active ingredients Argireline* and Matrixyl* (at the recommended 10% concentration) act as dermal relaxants, making B20 a healthy alternative to intrusive injectable procedures. It also contains Neroli and Ginger essential oils specifically chosen for their anti-ageing properties of promoting cell regeneration and skin elasticity, and vitamins and minerals to nourish and condition the skin. This cream really works – whilst you won’t look like you have had Botox, you will find people telling you that you are glowing, ‘looking well’ or ‘less tired’ etc…

*For more information about Argireline and Matrixyl and their benefits, Google them.

Directions for use: For maximum effect, apply B20 twice daily before moisturising for the first three weeks and once daily (either morning or evening) thereafter unless skin is ultradry, in which case you can continue to use it twice a day. It is a great cream to target fine lines around the eye and the often-neglected lip area.

Special: R395 with a free Eye & Lip Balm valued at R90

PURIFYING EYE & LIP BALM: This water-based Aloe Ferox Gel also contains Vitamin E (boosts skins immunity and encourages cell regeneration) and Cape Chamomile Essential Oil (relieves skin congestion, reduces puffiness and dark rings and promotes tissue regeneration).

Cape Chamomile is an all-round skin cleanser. Elixir’s firming eye and lip balm is not to be applied to the lips but is rather designed to hydrate the skin around the mouth area (plumping out wrinkles). Also apply to the cheek bone area around each eye. It can be applied day and night or evenings only. It may be slightly ‘sticky’ to the touch initially but absorbs and plumps quickly as it is water-based.